Hand rig?

Does anybody know where I can find an example hand rig like they used in Elephant’s Dream? If you go to this page, there’s nothing there… :mad:

Yeah, Wavez never finished half of what’s on there. Some of the pages aren’t done, most aren’t edited, and there are a bunch of placeholders.

You can get all the files that were used in Elephant’s Dream. And I think either Ludwig or Mancandy use a hand rig very similar.

Before you do anything take a look here:

a video tutorial by Bassam, an excellent demonstration on how a bone’s scale property can be used to set an IK bone’s target position.

You can also take a look at calvin’s hand rig: :slight_smile:

You can read about ManCandy here:
and download here:

Now back to your original request (lol) you can download Emo here:

amd Proog here:

Thanks guys, I found the file I needed here: http://xseed.bowiestate.edu/ED/production/03_telephone/

And I got my hand rig set up! :smiley: