Hand rigging problems

Hi all, I’m going crazy, I’ve tried to follow 2 tutorials on rigging a character (specifically the hand) and mine just aren’t working!!!

The first tutorial I tried to follow was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTeHY_2Z0_4

and at around the 33 minutes, 30 seconds time frame (which is getting the index finger rigged for IK) David Allen Ward says to Copy Location and Copy Rotation constrain the cIndex.L with the fingIndexStart.L

problem is this moves my finger bones, then later on when I try to add IK constraint on the fingIndexIK.Land cIndex.L and then try and scale the cIndex.L it doesn’t bend the fingers at all :frowning:

Here’s my file http://www.twistedpancreas.com/3d/armTest1.blend

So I tried a different approach with this tutorial http://www.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/x7613.html#BSG.RIG.F.S68.313

but when it came to setting the IK solver for the wrist it screws all my bones up when BO referencing my armIK.L

Here’s my file http://www.twistedpancreas.com/3d/armTest2.blend

So now I’m tearing the lack of hair out of my head.

Can anyone please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

hey pancreasboy,

To fix example 1:

  • Remove all of the duplicate bones! (If you click on the first 2 joints of the index finger, you’ll see what I mean… They end with the suffix “.001”)
  • Unparent the top finger bone (not the controller) with “alt+p”.
  • In Edit Mode, select the IK target at the end of the finger, shift select the control bone, and parent it with “ctrl+p”. It doesn’t matter whether it is ‘connected’ or ‘keep offset’, but my personal preference for this is the latter.
  • Then select the control bone, shift select the hand control bone, and parent it with ‘keep offset’.
  • In Pose Mode, select the control bone, shift select the first (top) finger bone, and press “ctrl+alt+c” to select the rotation and location constraints (once for each).
  • In Pose Mode, select the IK target at the end of the finger, shift select the last (end) finger bone and press “shift+i” to easily create an IK constraint with the inputs configured. Set the ‘chain length’ on the IK solver to 3.
  • Repeat for each of the fingers. You will then have the setup demonstrated in the video (which I hadn’t seen, so thanks for that!)

To fix example 2:

  • Remove the IK solver you currently have because I believe it is on the wrong bone. It is also broken since it has only the armature object as the input. This is why when you move it, everything snaps to the object center of the armature (the blue dot) because you’ve set the IK target to the armature object.
  • Select the wrist control (I believe it is meant to be the protruding bone called “armIK.L”, which is why I had you remove the constraint. If you entered that bone name into the constraint as it was it would work, but the wrong bone would snap to the target.) Shift select the forearm and press “shift+i” to apply the IK solver on the arm.
  • It should work, but you will not yet have a control for the elbow direction. You will still need a ‘pole target’ - a bone that determines which was the IK constraint will bend.

That’s as far as I can take you right now. Hopefully the rest of the tutorial is easier to follow :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thanks feelgoodcomics, that worked a treat, it’s all slowly making sense.