hand rigging

can anyone help me with rigging a hand and arm? Since we have moved to 2.40 and beyond, the old style of rigging (as seen in Weirdhat’s tutorial) no longer applies. Thanks.

There are a few sites which I recommend:

The Wiki Manual (specifically, both armature system sections, and this)
The old documentation (although it is a bit old, it is still very useful)
The PDF book found on the page linked to by this website.

I hope this helps.

Edit: I think older tutorials are still helpful, but just remember to use these only where they work and there is no other good information.

thanks for taking the time to respond but I have already looked at all of these. Old tutorials don’t apply to the new IK system. Anyone else?

i have the same problem, but if you search the forum for “cute bear” you can download the .blend file and see how he rigged the hands of his bear.