hand study

Hi there,

I like to show you a model of a hand I made for practise and fun.
Modeled in Wings and rendered in Blender.


happy rendering, Bob

Quite convincing…I like the bone work and the fingernails myself. Are you planning on doing a more detailed texture map?

Nice, very nice!

Looks quite detailed - any chance of seeing the wires?

woo! amazingly defined modelling, absolutely loverly [!]

yep, great stuff! is it already rigged?

very nice! best hand model I’ve seen in blender. Only crit is around the finger joint area the bend is a little ‘sharp’ on the first joint of the pointer. this maybe due to lighting alone, though.
Are you gonna texture it? I’d love to see wires, too.

Thanks for the kind comments.

Here are some wires:

@kaktus: the model is rigged, not in Blender but in Cinema4D.
I love both programs - Blender and Cinema.

have fun, Bob

Wow, that is really nice. i do have one crit to make though: the wrist seems a bit on the thin side.

ueee. once more a proove for wings3ds’ nice modeling tools. I just dont get into… but I’m trying :slight_smile:

Hmm, you are maybe right, have to check that. I modeled this after
my my own hands as reference and I have slender wrists. I will check
it its maybe the perspective. Thanks for spotting.


it is but a minor detail, and not necessarily something that needs to be changed. I just figured if it is a generic hand, it ought ot be of average proportions. my wrists are also on the thin side, so for me it would be an accurate representation, but I am pretty skinny.

hmm, as one who is also in the same side as you 2, i beleive you’ll be suprised at how skinny that part of the wrist is since the forearm bone evens out the proportion and is not modelled in the study, i think its right proportion wise and if its modelled as reference from the modellers hand then the wrist should fit the hand too =)

Very nice, but it almost seems to be making an obscene gesture.

It looks to me like something ESPN would use to show the grips for different baseball pitches…

Veri very nice :slight_smile:


great, so when are we gonna see some animations? :slight_smile:

Um… and what’s done in Blender? Only rendering? %|