Hand Tut problem....

(MrPatel) #1

Im going through the ‘Hand Tutorial’ at:

and after i create the armatures for the arm, i went out of edit mode :frowning: and then added the fingers, when i should’ve stayed in edit mode.

Now on the parenting part, all the armatures need to be in edit mode. I can select all the armatures but still when i click one the others deselect.

Is there any way i can, i guess, ‘rejoin’ the fingers to the arm, so i dont have to redo the fingers? thanks.

(kroopson) #2

I’ve had the same problem - only in my case I was joining legs/arms/spine into one armature. Legs got screwed up and I’ve had to make them again from the beginning. :frowning:

(BgDM) #3

When not in edit mode, hold down the “Shift” key and select both sets of armatures with the right mouse button.

Than press “CTRL+J” to join them together. Should work.


(MrPatel) #4

thank you so much