Hand Unwrap issue: Massive stretch/distortion

I’m having an issue with a hand unwrap.

Below are images of the problem. It should be self-explanatory what the problem is: the unwrap for the top of the hand is extremely stretched and distorted.



Why is this happening? Is there some any way to keep it proportional to the model?

If your mesh is stretched then your seam placement is poor. In the UV image editor you can use Ctrl+A to selected islands to average their scale

When creating an image in the UV/Image editor, select UV Test Grid, this will allow you to easily see the problems.

found it out. it wasn’t my seam placement. It’s a bug in the program.

I had to change the Unwrap Method from Angle Based to Conformal, and back, and forth again until it gave me the results I wanted.

found it out. It’s a bug in the program.

I had to change my Unwrap Method in my (T) menu from Angle Based to Conformal, then back, and forth again.

E: sorry for the double post. didn’t realize mods had to verify.