hand watch

(Alnazir moha) #1

hi every body , I have done this work to experience my skill in modeling, I know that the blueprint is not good but I rely on my skill in modeling ,

resolution 1451*1023
samples 4000
i hope you like it


(Speed7) #2

Fantastic job, leather is spot on, the scratches on the watch and the smudges on the glass all add to the realism.

If anything, the glass seems murky, but that is really really nitpicking.

(WeakFredo) #3

Very good model.

(GaretEliot) #4

Looks excellent! The only thing I’d say is that the render samples need to be increased a bit. The part that gives it a way as a render, is that if you look at the date cutout, you can see noise in the shadows around the inset. It’s unnatural for a photograph to have that kind of noise.

Other than that it looks amazing, I think if it was superimposed over a photo it would be hard to realize it’s CG. Great work!

PS, I absolutely love the dust particles. What did you use to accomplish those?

(An0nym0us) #5

LOVE the leather texture on the wristband. Nice clean render. Good Job.

(Cormac Fitzpat) #6

Really like this. Both the face and leather are remarkable.

(dave44) #7

The stitching of a double makes it look really decent. But to nit-pick, there is an issue withe the entire dial face… It is what seems like a “pixelation” around the white radial markers (seemingly all of them).

I think it is actually over the whole “edges” of the watch but not visibly noticeable on the lower edges… Nearly transparent speckles etc. Don’t have a clue what causes it (samples? maybe) noobie here.

Hey, I don’t have permission to post anywhere else, so you’ve got critics for a while… :slight_smile:


Making one of these is hard work. I tried following a blender tutorial step by step, and failed to make one. This was many years ago.

(I can only make cubes) #9

This just makes me realize how bad my last render was. Good job.


This is amazing, probably the best watch I have ever seen! How did you make that leather material?