Hand WIP

Hello ElYsiun!
I was observing things You do here, and was filled with awe :P, and now, I am on a track to make some little project, which will certailny never be completed, but I will take as much fun as I can get from it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The thing is to make an animation (or evena still only) of a guy (creature) playing a piano… nothing to clever, but still…
Here’s the first look on the hand interior (no reference)
Don’t look on materials and that kind of stuff, it’s secondary thing… tell me if the start’s good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I please for C&C :smiley:

and the “canyons” can be shallowed… now i concentrate only at topology… you know, the hands of the pianist should be well modeled :smiley:
Next ill do the other side of the hand, and finally add some fingers :stuck_out_tongue:


Mini update:
3rd dimension added, basic geometry, tweaks.



Im not any good at organics but IMO thats really good.
What are you using for references?

Thanks :smiley: My reference is my own hand, as i look at it, but it’s more like a free interpretation including IMO the most important points than a real reference (and i don’t copy the points from the photo, if i interpret the idea of references correctly)
Next update:
a strive to make the other side of the hand including those “veins” (if it’s called so) which normally would be barely visible, but should reveal when the pianist will hit the key on the piano.
The other thing is when the finger will hit the key, the knuckles should appear, so i wonder if this topology will ensure that.
You know, I am no artist, and i don’t know anatomy that much, so I am condemned to make a number of trials befor it will be usable (and this hand is first… maybe second, including my old hand)
So: the pic:


Its hard to comment on, still not much there.(you might want to try higherr levels of Amb Occ. though)

And plz lower ur Jpeg quality so the images arent 2-3 megs a piece

Ok, the quality went down now from 60 to 30, i hope 15 kb for an image isn’t too much for you :stuck_out_tongue:
The loading times are so long because of the lag on my friends server, i hope it will decrease soon

minor tweaks, and more wirey render:


Fingers scare me :stuck_out_tongue:
and nails!


wow thats a novel way to start a hand mesh. Interesting idea, can’t wait to see some fingers.

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