How would i go about moddeling a low-poly hand for my Fps?

how low poly?

how many fingers are you willing to sacrifice? is a textured plane reasonable? a mitten? 500 triangles of five fingered goodness? a textured cylinder [fist] with a thumb? 3 fingers [middle, ring and pinky combined to one]?

I’d take insiration from hand tutorials for subdivision surface modeling [the tutorials do not have to be oriented towards blender]

oh, will this be for the characters, or the player…

well actually i want to model an arm. Its for the player on my FPS. and i prolly wont need all 5 fingers because a few will be behind the gun.

make fingers…attach to one big rectangle… tota of 6 different shapes…or 7 with an elbow…

then w --> set smooth

Maybe this will help, creating a hand is the same as modelling anything else, extrude, scale, tweak until it looks right.

lol…way to show an example…lol(littterally)

very nice image blenderage