I’ve been working on this hand for a couple hours. What do you think? I’ve yet to add finger nails. I’m going to use it in a scene, with the palm facing the camera.



The immediate problem i recognize is that the palm seems off. It looks as though you successfully created the thumb bulge, but when i looked at my palm and then yours i realized you created an indentation through the bottom of the palm. I suggest pulling the bottom two vertices up (forward if the palm is facing the camera) to create a indent the is deepest in the middle of the palm, instead of what looks like a line.


Ok, I think its better now?

In this latest render I think the middle finger is too thick at the bottom. What do you guys think?

Here’s the pose for the scene. Supposed to look like it just kinda popped up out of the ground (you know, like in EVERY zombie movie?) haha.


Lemme know what you think of the pose. I’m about to detail and texture it soon.

Bend the fingers more, add a graveyard, and a tombstone, well you know, all the usual deal…

I think I will bend the fingers a bit more. But heres a texture update…




IDK. I really want the symbol in the palm to GLOW. Any idea how I can achieve that?

Decrease the specularity on that texture dude! It looks like plastic or something…

Glow is achieved through the compositor.
Intro to compositor: http://www.vimeo.com/13322805
My glow tutorial: http://www.vimeo.com/13322805

Great tutorial, very useful, however, I am wondering how I can apply this to a texture on the hand, rather than a whole object itself?

Alright heres some progress. I need serious feedback now! Haha. I’m not too pleased with the whole image, so I want some suggestions.


Well you definitely need something better than the blender generated background.
Too much blur/streaks in the x direction
Good thing it doesnt look like plastic anymore.

Ok, fixed the streaks. That background is just placeholder anyway. Gonna keep a red sky, but have black clouds and i’m thinking lightning strikes.

Added more fire. How is the flame effect anyway? Any crits?


It’s looking great. The fire effect is well done. You should add some smoke as well. Are you using particles, mesh or fluids for your fire?
The volroni bump map makes the hand really loak like coal (what you’re going for I assume?).

Thanks man. Yeah, the hand is supposed to be like rock, charred, burned, etc. I thought the veins/cracks/glow were kinda cool.

The fire is a lot of twisted, distorted cones, with alpha maps. All textures for the fire were made in the material editor, with composite nodes for added effect (displacement, glow, lots of different color effects)

I think I’m going to try to play with the new volumetric smoke effect in 2.5. I’ll deff need that for the background.


Ok, think I want some more particles. The image needs some color correcting, and lightning up a bit, I think. I think its a little dark. What do you guys think? I was thinking about like, maybe photoshopping some lightning effects in the background?

The composite editor is getting soooo filled up now haha XD

Alright, again, another XD


I dont like the new grounds, but the glowing embers flying in the air is cool! Also, i think the hand has too much normals showing.

You don’t like the ground in the last picture? I’m thinking it caught too much red light… I also loaded it in photoshop and made it sharper, might be why the hand looks like it has more detail now, cuz I actually haven’t touched the hand in a while.