So, this is my first organic model. I’m trying to be economical with my poly’s and make a logical/clean mesh (which is difficult with my limited understanding of topology).

I welcome feedback, especially about improving the topology (other than keeping to quads and attempting to understand how loops might play out in this object, I don’t really know very much…my working knowledge about loops isn’t really very good).

Thanks. Edit: Blend included.


hand_sketch1.blend (859 KB)

qutorial, nice to meet you gives hand

hand.blend (416 KB)

hahaha just kidding, but this was my first hand.

About the topology - whatever works. Try animating it and see if everything is alright. Or try hi quality renderings if it’s a still. As much as I figured, best way to do this is simply sculpt whatever you need without worrying about any topology, just concern yourself with the shape.

When you sculpt the hi poly model, simply extrude faces of low poly cage with surface snapping over it. That way you need not worry about the form, only about topology. Plus it’s more comfortable to work like that. I used to model from scratch like this some time ago, but its way harder.

If you are unable to build dyntopo for Blender, try Sculptris, which is free, too. Then export mesh to blender and do the retopo.

But strangely enough, I’ve found that tentacles, fingers and such are easier done by extruding polygons.

BTW, don’t look my hand - it’s bad :smiley: it was just for a handshake purposes :wink: and yours looks much betters!

Thanks for the suggestion, Duy3 :slight_smile:

I have wanted to try sculpting for a long time but never got started. With dyntopo nearly released, I thought it would be a good time to try it out. Here is latest direction:


Spent a few hours today on it. This is my 2nd sculpt, so I am still very new and it’s fairly rough. I think the palm is too large relative to the size of the fingers…will work more later.