recently i have completed a hand in blender, at least most of the modeling aspect of it. tried to keep it as low poly as possible, did it by going in and out through editing and sculpting. thought i pose it as well a little with armatures. it is still WIP, but i couldn’t wait. :). Since this is my first hand i modeled, ever, thought to get some feedback. hope you guys like it. I would love to hear from you guys and tell me what you think .looking forward for the feedback. thanks :slight_smile:


It’s definitely a good hand, but the only thing that really sticks out that I believe can be improved on is the pinkie. The way it’s bent just seems a little off. And also maybe you should make the fingernails more distinctive as they’re hard to notice at first. However, the rest of the hand looks good to me. I like the detail in the palm as well as the quality of the other fingers. Keep up the good work. :cool: