Handle for coffee cup

Hi there,

I’m relatively new to Blender still. I am trying to make a coffee cup and am stuck on the handle. I try to select to outwardly facing …faces, and then try to spin to create a handle. When I extrude and join that together at some point, it is uneven after subsurf. What I’m trying to say is that if I extrude at all, when it comes time for the handle to join the cup, it is not meshing together well.Can I get a suggestion? Thanks for any help.

ca you show pic to show mesh

would be easier to help!

also you can extrude normal to the faces if this can help!

happy blendering

in the upper right hand of the handle, where I joined the mesh, it is very visible, a big crease. Can I get rid of it? I tried spinning, but could never spin it right. Thanks!

you probably have an internal face there. Remove it and the problem should go away

Thanks. Problem resolved