handle of my ..." little" blade is finished

there aren’t any details yet but i reckon it looks alright
also gonna add a grip for the handle( it’s probably to smooth now )
so i’ll model some cloth around the grip
i …MIGHT make a different blade because this one is pretty messy
and i don’t exactly think that the blade would be usefull…
after this adding tribals and stuff to blade & handle
then materials

after that start another project-> the charachter holding the blade


really nice sword, just one crit,…those pointy things that face down on the gaurd could poke you in the wrist when you swung it, possibly causing serious tissue trauma. but, after all, noone was ever killed or even wounded by a mesh.

lol i suppose i should widen them up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:
and the sword is two-handed

but i’m not sure about the blade itself maybe i’ll make the blade like this

yes this was one of my n00b models :slight_smile:
that mesh was really messy
but with my…incease in modelling skills it should be easy


here is a handle with smaller guards


Very nice so far, give it textures and more detail.