Handle With Care

Okay, one more try. Here’s the scene: the world has been taken over by a race of robots. They are now in the process of “mopping up” and one robot stumbles on a warehouse full of toys.

It sits, wondering what the purpose of this thing is, since toys are a foreign concept to a robot. I thought there was some cool irony in this piece, because the world has been destroyed, but the robot is actually handling this toy with care…

Tell me what you think! Criticisms welcome…


cool concept and the modeling is going really well. unless you really really want those very hard shadows i would turn on ambient occlusion… shading tab, world buttons, Amb Occ, press the button on that tab, re render.

Thanks for the feedback. But what does AO actually do? It seems to me like it only adds a whole lot of render time without doing a lot…

Ambient Occlusion - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ambient_occlusion

…if you really want to read into it.

In short, it kind of adds light “everywhere.” In a piece without AO, you might have a couple lamps, but in real life, chances are that light is coming from more places than just those lamps, AO helps correct this and in many cases, in my opinion, adds to the realism of a piece. I haven’t actually read the article I linked, but it does speak in terms of 3D graphics I saw. What I wrote is just based on my own observation/gathered understanding.

Here’s an update of my work. I turned on AO, and I’ve started putting textures into the middle of the ‘eye.’ It’s slow going, though, as I’m a bit skittish of UV texturing for some reason. I’m also planning to widen the windows and create an outdoor part to depict some more of the story. Tell me what you think!


Ok, here’s another update, now with Raytracing! Which somehow i forgot to turn on. I feel like such a noob. Anyways, I’ve textured more of the middle, and added the red “energy strip” to the middle. Can anyone give me some ideas on how to break up the monotony of the piece? I just feel like it’s dull and flat. Let me know what you think!


Well,some normal mapping and maybe some bloom/glow and depth of field would help alot IMO!Also,I feel that the textures are a bit dull,but nice work so far!

What would you suggest to make the textures better? I have always felt that texturing was a weak point for me. I’m really not much of an artist, but I’m learning.

Well,I am still learning texturing as well,the key thing here i think is lightning.What you should do IMO:
-Darken the wall in the background(not the texture itself,just give it less light and put it out of focus)
-Add some white/bright light to contrast the red
I have other ideas as well to improve the scene,but they are a bit complicated to write down.
Hope I could help!

Ok, I’ve put on a defocus node and I really like how it turned out, but I want more of the picture to be in focus. How do I do that? I’m not really sure how I can add a white light. Tonight I’m probably going to make the back ground scene so that you can see some city or something through the windows. I will certainly try the things you’ve been suggesting. Thanks!


Ok, after a few days of working on other various small projects, I’m back to this one. I know the lighting is all wrong for the background (outside), but I’m just not sure how to make the outside part look simply tacked on. Any ideas??


the crates in the forground could do with more detail.