Handled Bendy Bones

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Here’s an excellent explanation of how handles work and how to add them manually: http://bit.ly/NimbleBB

Looks so usefull I think it should be default behavior when adding bendy bones :slight_smile:

It was on nimblecollective.com but apparently they removed it. You can watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/181807778

I have managed to make my own handles! Yeepeee! Getting the hang of it… I have decided I love Bendy Bones. Thank you all the geniuses who made it happened!

More Custom Handle Reference videos here…

Blender 2.78 Bendy Bones TutorialMore involved setting up of handles, with custom driver

Bendy Bones cartoon mouth setup

And Pepeland video found only on Vimeo

Hi! I’ve downloaded your script and it has worked almost smoothly, but the bone I get looks different from yours in your tutorial. Is theer a way to fix it (I use Blender 2.79 and it shows me the yellow exclamation sign in addon properties saying that it is compatible with 2.78)


Did you scale the bone instead of the handles? Can you share your .blend file?

@Terrible Sorry, i’ve missed the notification. Yes, that was the problem - i scaled the bone, not the handle. It’s ok now, thanks

Are you planning to update the plugin?

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HI, have you planned an update for 2.8 ???


I would like to know as well!

Also wondering if there will be a 2.8 update


There is also this plugin that hasn’t been updated

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i love this addon in 2.7 please bring to 2.8 :smiley:

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Ulier’s was too complicated for me. I wanted something closer to the original so I made a quick one that operates like the old one did, as far as I can tell.


I updated this version to Blender 2.8

Have fun using it!


I get this error in 2.81 and 2.82,

You should select “No custom shape” or select a custom shape, I didn’t fix this yet in the code.

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Thank you for the quick response. And for making this plugin.

Working on the update:

How do i use this after installing it?
I don’t get what “View 3D > Properties” stands for in Blender.

how do i get this for 2.79? the page says “DO NOT BUY,” but it also says it’s $15.