Handmade decor lights

Hi there. Another one work made with Blender/Cycles.
60 hours and 20000 samples on GTX 460

glass nodes:


Simply nice! But that ‘black glossy material’ is much more darken.

Looks cool! Woah 20000 samples… O_o

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beautifull and great glass shader ! nice contrast

Thank you guys:cool:

Damn! It looks awesome! But the rendertime is killing.

this looks cool but, 20k samples…was that really needed? Because the render is still grainy.

Also, the light path solution is interesting, can you explain it please?

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I don’t see any grain?


Great render! 20,000 samples was wayyyy overkill. 2,000 would have been fine I’m almost sure.

20,000 samples! Holy cow! The result is lovely, though- very clean and sleek looking. The materials and lighting are really appealing. I find the composition to be very calm and soothing, as well as the colors.

Very nicely done, Volden!

Thank you, James.

> 2,000 would have been fine I’m almost sure

2000 samples was not enough, and I used Adobe Camera RAW denoiser to remove noise in bokeh area. So even 20K samples was not enough.

> Also, the light path solution is interesting, can you explain it please?

No problem, Alvaro:

Haha, I meant your shader setup for the glass. I tested it and gives interesting and good looking results, even though I dont know what it is supposed to achieve. I did understand that it looks better than the normal Glass shader though.

Nice idea, precise (almost photographic) execution. Nice colors. Render time is scary.

you’re a patient man :smiley:
very cool very realistic bro

One of the best Blender pics I’ve seen!
20k, thats patience man. Have an old ATI card myself, so I’m used to waiting.
How did you do the flames? Is it point lights or emission material?

Wow, so much refraction… worst scenario for convergence… beautiful image !

First of all great work!
But same as Alvarocgi I would like to understand the Light Path-Add Shader-Multiply node setup.

I’m also curious. My best guess: Brighten camera visible rays and shadow rays (Mix Add) while darkening transmitted light rays (Mix Multiply)?

Very very nice!!! :yes:

Beautiful! I really like the colour harmony :yes:

As an abstract image it is beautiful, but unrealistic. The tea lights seem to be floating in the bottles, the screw tops are playing flat rather than transparent, is there a liquid in the bottles?, and no irregularities or smudges on the glass. Ah, what you could have done with 20k samples.