Handpainted bust

hi, i’m a beginner to 3d and have been self-studying on and off for the past few months. i don’t make time to model but i’m looking forward to changing that asap. i learned about blender in January and i’m very happy that it’s made 3d so accessible.

this is not my first model, but my first non-chibi style face. it is also an experiment i wanted to try on sketchfab. the eyes should, sort of, follow you when you move the bust. it works in blender as well.


thanks for stopping by!


is that 3d ??? no way … no way man

haha, feel free to check out the model on sketchfab. it’s pretty noobish. :slight_smile:

i’m very inspired and influenced by the models with a painterly quality so i want to practice more, especially the texturing.

She looks great! It was a good idea to upload the model on sketchfab, she looks very painterly from all directions. I had to think of ‘Nova’ from the incredibly cute game ‘I love you to bits’ . Both characters look quite different, but gave me a similar vibe.
#2 Nova – Lively and enigmatic, Nova the robot is always looking for adventures! She hides a mysterious, deadly past… and it might not be easy to run away from it.
Do you plan on developing her further?

4 question if i may
the shadow is backed on the texture tight ?
and how do you upload to sketchfab ?
the outline style, how did you made it?
the eyes are they been constrant ?