HandPainted Textures

Ive Recently Gotten A wacom tablet( which was my main artistic set back) and would love to know how to paint Hand Painted textures. i love the Blizzard, And League Of Legends style of art and would like to pursue it more. does anyone know any sources ?
I’ve recently downloaded krita(Because Open Source is awesome) and would like to know if theres a specific brush thats best for it or the brush you guys use for making hand painted textures.

  1. open blender
  2. model, or import an object
  3. unwrap it
  4. export UV layout
  5. import the image to any image editing software (Photoshop, gimp,) anything that supports multiple layers, and alpha values.7.
  6. hide the layer witch contains the UV layout, and export the texture you just made.
  7. import it into blender, and apply it to the object.

let me know if you didnt understand any of the steps above, and ill explain it in detail.

lol I’ve been using blender for awhile now, i know what to do. i meant if there is any sources on how to paint the blizzard / league of legends style of art. or if there was any specific brushes that can achieve that look well. but thank you though !