Hands in a foggy landscape... and a rainbow

Hi everybody!!!

I’m very glad to share with you my last work. It is called “Love is…”. You can read the related story in my blog, The Red Thread. I’m creating my last works at the same time I write short stories. It helps me a lot to improve my work :wink:

I hope you like it.

Everything done in Blender, but the little blue bird, made in ZBrush. No feathers on it, just texture map.

I’ve used Ivy generator for the vegetation in the right side of the sculpture:

And that’s it!!! :wink:

It took me almost eight hours to render the whole raw image with my NVidia GForce GTX 680. I’ve used volumetrics for the mist, as you can see, plus particle system for the grass and the flowers. Quite heavy and demanding file!!!

I recommend if you want to make a rainbow to follow this tutorial. It was very helpful for me. Thank you Dale!

And finally, if you like this image, I want to invite you to visit my brother’s website, as I’ve used his original two hands drawing as inspiration. Thank you Fran!

Have a nice day and Health and Love for everyone!!!


Simple but effective!

Thank you! :wink: