Handwriting + pre written word ?

Hi ! I am here today to find a solution to my problem, ie making something like this :

What we can see is that there is a specified font underlayed and a showing mask on top.

Tested lots of things but never found out how to to this in blender.

Would you mind to help ? :slight_smile:



You can search in Blender. it has already implemented
I have done 4 yeras ago.

That with the old version.
Find a New version here http://www.blendercycles.com/tutorials/writing/


Thanks but the second link is down !
Is there any other link ?

Many thanks !


Hi LeHibou,

I think it is possible to mimic same approach inside Blender using well known “taper-bevel curve-growing” (link here) method to create animated objects that you would use (rendered as shadeless or object pass) as a mask in compositor.
With a bit more effort than in AE of course, as you would have to animate “strokes” manually. Alternatively you could try build modifier to animate “growing” of the mask object.

Cheers, Petr.

Thanks, in fact the problem here is to have a decimate modifier on a curve, and not a build I think. Am I wrong ?

Or to admit that I need to put it in the vse, prepare my path in the inverse logic and play it through VSE backward…

Yep but not for the purpose.

I don’t want to recreate a handstyle font, I have to rely on an existing one, Chancery for example.

That is why I have to create a path over the existing word, to keep the exact font. I found that my method of masking + backwarding in the vse works pretty well BUT I have to play with the Z axis not to overpass a path.

Let me upload a blend.

Back in a minute

Here it is :


Scene = the path
Scene.001 = the VSE

It is a really boring process in which you have to play with Z axis and then with the width of letter not to mask them…

This file has been made with the base font, but imagine with a calligraphic one…

I am keen to share your experience


And a new blend to work on : the problem is that we lose the build steps order.

any idea ?