Handy & Candy - My animation series

Hi ,
This is first episode of my series.
Looking for sponsor / producer.

Hope you like it -www.handyandcandy.com

And dont forget to vote for my animation on aniboom contest - http://www.aniboom.com/video/298420/Handy--Candy---rise-n-shine/

No reply ! ?!?!

I tend to wait a good bit longer than 24 hours before people reply on my topics. :eyebrowlift2:

That being said, I liked the episode you’ve got up. I liked the humor and the style was simple and easy to like. The way it could perhaps use improvement would be the extremity expression. Candy never quite showed any “extreme” expressions even when the situation called for it, such as being electrocuted (which made me laugh anyway.)

This is a pretty nice animation, the character has some good snappiness to it. Sorry I can’t sponsor you though, I’m broke!

Haha, what a great episode! :slight_smile: The light switch part was nice, I was laughing on it. :smiley: