Hang glide



entry for perfect holiday comp


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This is incredible! Great work!

I love the trees.
I must know how you did it.

Nice !
The trees are great.

I think you overdone the DOF effect a little. With such a focal length (in the 30/80 range), you don’t get that much blur in the background if trees 20 metres away are in focus. That gives a “scaled down model” effect that doesn’t quite do justice to the work you’ve done.
Either that or the focus is too close to the viewer.I think the other glider should be in focus…

But that’s nit-picking. Well-done !

Looks great, but I agree on the DOF, looks real, but like a scale model of a landscape.

Reminds me of Jurassic Park.

How do you do mist in Cycles?

hello friend … yah you are right but sometimes it depends on visual perspective that what you wants to show and what not … in this case i have taken lots of references and i have been to that place which i made … been there for 1 week and took almost 400-500 pics … i m glad that u guys have criticized my work and liked it …

thanks again for your kind words …

its not cycles … its BI

ldh hehehe wats that draguu vs nita whos gonna win?? hehehe i saw your post there man its not about winning … caus eof this all … i have 2 more images in my portfolio… hehe …


I’m LMAO so hard haha
you got me :slight_smile:

as always,you rock.

You’re crazy! Two fantastic renders in two days?!?

I really like it, man! Nice usage of the Blender internal renderer.

WOW… is this gonna b your entry to the new blenderguru competition “Perfect Holiday” ??

You sure improved a lot since your first competition entry! not that it was bad, but this is way better!

My only question is why the wire suddenly disappears in the bottom right corner? Is the hang glider foreground an image?

Anyway, it looks good!

thanks a lot jonathan for kind words … and its hangglider’s point of view so i think thts might caught you … besides that many people have tole me to do some minor changes in DOF and in foreground … and i have tried it …but this one stands out the best … but obviously this time my entry will not gonna win… but lets c…