Hanging a cube on a rope

(Willi) #1

Everything looks so simple when watching tutorials. Click click click - done - looks great. In practice: I spend hours and hours trying things out and getting it done.

I do not find out how to use the physics engine to hang a cube (rigid body) on a rope (soft body). The rope is attached to the ceiling, and the rope’s physic simulation is fine. I just don’t know how to attach the cube to the bottom end of the rope. Possible?

…Oh, and happy new year!

(Willi) #2

Finally solved. The key is to not directly attaching the cube to the rope. Instead, I use an intermediate rigid body object so that a rigid body constraint can be used. The intermediate object doesn’t need to be rendered, and it is always positioned at the end of the rope by using a Copy Location modifier.

Long story short:
Test 281.blend (149.1 KB)
Just press Alt+A to start the animation.

(sundialsvc4) #3

Yes, but I wonder if this problem couldn’t have been solved in much the same way that people have managed to attach a wrecking ball onto the end of a chain: they simply edited the “end of the chain” link and, in Edit mode, attached another mesh to it so that the final geometry included both the end of the chain-link and the ball (or cube).