Hanging chair

Hi guys

Here is a scene that I completed today. Done with Blender, pillows and blanket in Marvelous Designer, rendered in Cycles, post work in Photoshop. Hope you like it :slight_smile:


What did you want critique on?
Since you didn’t already specify yet, I’ll say what struck me first. It could have passed for a photo for my untrained eyes, were it not for the blue blanket that looks a bit off to me, it doesn’t look quite real, I think tweaking the material on it and the pillows to something with a bit more texture, viewable at zoomed out scale like the curtains, would make it more convincing. The slippers, when viewed in zoomed out image, look like one slipper to me, so I thought it looked fake until I zoomed in.
The curtains do fool me though and the wall too. I like the plant and candle. A cozy scene.

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