Hanging Garden of Babylon


sad modeling(no offense), but great idea!

If you think its sad modeling then give him a few pointers so he could improve. There is no point in leaving a negative message if your not going to help him.

Alright, now its a great idea, just needs alot of improvements. I think its a good start for a final piece. But IMO its not finished. I think you work on the anatomy of the heads you modeled. And you could have made the rope more tight around their necks, and angled more so it looks like they are actaully hanging from it and not floating. And you could also make thier heads a little more limp…as if they were dead. You could work on their clothing a bit, and make each one of them have their own special qualities. So they don’t look so familiar. You could also work on your textures, the sand could be a bit more grainy, it would add more realism. Your stones could use some work as well, some variety…And im not sure whats behind them but it shouldn’t be their, IMO. They should be stacked on top of each other. Overall everything could use more detail.

Great idea :wink: Keep working with it.

Ok, few pointers:

Those poor hanged sods don’t look like they are hanging, they look more like they are floating in air. That’s the fault of their pose, which is too similair and stiff for them.

their heads should be tillted either forward or to the side, shoulders should be relaxed. And the fact that they all are of same model without any changes makes the scene dull.

Then the ropes, that seem to be made from some very stiff substance. It should be more tighted downwards, mainly because there are men hanging from it.

And finally the sky. a bit boring. Needs some color variation. and clouds or something.