Hanging object gliding

Hi guys,

Blender noob here coming from the 2D world.
I love what you can do in 3D and I’ve got lots of ideas but I’m constantly hitting a wall with my limited skills. I’m a quick learner but 3D sure is something else, respect!
I am trying to make an object that has a whole inside slide down a line, in this case the letter H and a curved mesh.
When it’s hanging at the very bottom of the curve (so when no sliding is required) there is no issue but as soon as it requires to slide down it just falls straight down.
How would I go on fixing this? I poked the whole in the letter with a cylinder and boolean modifier. Letter was made with text object, then re-mesh and convert to mesh. Curve was cut in half after creating a bezier with bevel. Sorry if it’s all a bit messy :wink:
Ah right seems I can’t upload the blend file as a new user.
Still does anyone know what would be the best approach for this?
I’m currently using rigid bodies. Passive for the line, active for the letter and obviously played with the settings.

Thanks in advance!

It would be much easier to animate the sliding with Follow Path constraint.

  • Make origin of the object where it should be connected to the curve.
  • Add 'Follow Path Constraint
  • animate the offset so its moving on the curve.
  • animate rotation of the object for more beliveble result
  • you can even animate the shape of curve with shapekeys so it looks like the weight of the object is pushing it down

no physic simulations required and total control over everything :slight_smile:

I’m having a really difficult time with Rigid Bodies. It looks like the mass is very important. I’m trying to add a ring to the letter instead of a hole but still it falls trough a simple bar at times. Maybe there’s a setting to tell Blender that it cannot abandon the passive object or something.
I’ll look into your method mate, thanks!

Use pasteall to upload your blend:




As you can see rings are ok but as soon as there’s an object attached to one of the rings things go haywire. Hopefully it’s just a mesh issue or a setting I need to adjust and not the limitations of Blender simulation (or my imagination)

Thanks in advance guys!

Update: after upping steps per second from 60 to 120 it doesn’t fall off anymore though still behaves weird, like trying to find it’s center of mass or something.

Another Update: groovy! turns out the sphere object had a negative scale so CTRL + A and rotation & scale fixed that. Hopefully things stay stable no matter what I attach to those rings.

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