Hangout Room, Game Room

This is a room where you can just hangout, read a book and enjoy yourself! Does it look realistic? Any suggestions you have for this room, feel free to leave a reply! Feedback is always appreciated!

It does look realistic a lot… especially the books in the shelf or the mugs and their reflections on table… Sofa on the right looks real too… But I think the picture looks a bit noisy (I don’t know why but even though the objects look real the picture lacks luster… It looks as if it was rendered in cycles and it still contains post rendering noise)…

This is great man, the pot of the left side looks like “cutted”, maybe changin the place or rotating it could be better and obviously You need a floor, maybe a wooden one or a tiled…I am not sure wath is upside the T.V.

Thanks for the critiques! I did put a tiled floor but it is very hard to see, I will work on that! For the noise, I used 750 samples should I go higher to get rid of it?

oh, it is too obvious you have used andrew’s models from the architexture academy. about the design, I would give some more space to the couch next to the table.