Hank - Tough Guy

I’ve started a new character project. I want him to look like he could be a drill sergeant, though that isn’t necessarily what he’ll be. I gave him a long chin. I’m not necessarily happy with what I have so far, but it’s a start.


man i cant ever get tired of your modells they are always great
can i see an unsubserfed model just so i can have an idea of how to modell it also can i have a screen shot with the refrence images you had
i hope im not asking for too much

No problem. Here’s a wire in edit mode. My topology skills still suck, but I’m getting better. I still get too many vertices on the neck when I model faces, and I still make the same type of ear(I’m looking into that). As for the reference I just looked in a mirror to get the basic shape and then I just used my imagination.


thank you very much
i thought you had to modell it perfect

The topology of the eyebrow region is very noticible in the render. You need a few more verts around that area, as there are visible trangles. Also, I’m not sure, but in your wireframe, there seems to be some crazy normals around the nostril. For a more tough-guy look, you might want to make him have more blocky features -> think chin, cheeks…


I’ll work on the eyebrows. There are some black regions on the nose in the wire because I turned subsurf off. I’ll work on his blockiness. Thanks for the comments.

I painted the base texture for the skin and messed around with the lighting.


I added some discoloration and blemish and I painted his eyebrows and began painting the stubble. I need to take a guitar break now.


love the model so far.

I think his skin tone should be slightly darker. very slightly

There’s too much polys on his neck, you could do that are whit much less. Also whit a little work on the chin and mouth area you could achieve nice edge loops.

I’d don’t like the way he looks quite as much now, but I hope he looks a little less like Fred:


His eyes are a bit on the slim side / flat vertically.

I second the comments about the topologies of the neck, chin, and mouth areas.

  • The area around the mouth could do with much better defined loops, rather than the current ad-havoc combination of triangles and quads.
  • The chin could be more defined than what you have now.
  • The neck is way too complicated (number of verts). You should exchange the density of verts around the mouth+chin area for that of the neck.
    However, this is just judging from the last wireframe you posted. :wink:


I made a few changes, hopefully improvements. I decided to go with a more exaggerated facial structure. And thanks Aligorith. I’ll work on the eyes some more.


i liked the original better it made him look tougher and not too skinny

Arabian Knight, I though that at first, but then I started to like it.

I’m trying to put detail into this face. I’m not worried about the eyebrows because he really won’t be in any extreme close-ups. I still need to work on the shape of the eyes.



I’m not done with the bump map yet, I still need to make a specularity map, and I need to do some touch-ups on the color map and modeling.

And I accidentally put some stubble on his ear. Thanks for all the crits so far. Keep them coming.

This might be a little early for an update, but I rearranged his eyes and worked on the texture. That helped a lot:


Very impressive, your skill level has risen so much. Bravo. I cant wait to see more.

you’re best (in realism) face so far.

I’ve thought about this long and hard, and I even did some test renders, and I seriously think for a tough guy, he looks better bald. So I’m probably not going to do hair. But after I finish this guy I plan on making a Mexican(who will have hair) and make a short film.

This really isn’t much of an update, but I’m posting this because this is where it is now, and I want to know what I can do to fix it. I will fix the lips. I messed with the eyes, but I still like them this way. If you can see anything else to change, please let me know.