Hanoi Old Quarters East Gate


I’m new to the community and here’s my first creation.

I made a replica of the Hanoi Old Quarters East gate.

the real one

And here’s my creation


Well I’m new on this and still have to learn a lot !!!
Creating a building is not really a prob so far but that’s as far as my experience in blender go’s.
Checked out lot’s of creations, man I wane know how to do all that.
any comment or tips are welcome!!!

Added some texture :stuck_out_tongue: I know most of you gone have a laugh but for me this is a good start

so far so good, keep going you will probably start getting more comments as the scene starts coming together.

The modeling part looks really great (my only suggestion there would be to play with smooth shading too).
Im not a big fan of the texture though, its too repetitive and with no variations and flat. I think you should just keep studying your reference as for texturing.
But anyway, as I said, the model is very promising, keep it up. :slight_smile:

Thx for the advice, :RocknRoll: my first steps in the freaking awesome blender world !!!
Not really happy about the texturing myself but it’s a start hehe.
Guess I’ll need to watch more training video’s and such :evilgrin:.

looking pretty good so far but the textures are too clean need some more grunge on them