Hanomag Sd Kfz. 251

Blender + Substance Painter.
Model created for a game.


Great model and texturing. I make also WWII era models and just happened to rework a 251, too. May I ask how many poly’s the model has, and if you allow me the little criticism, the tactical sign (if it is one, at all) on the hood is for a vehicle with tires and seems to be stamped, although it was just paint in reality.
Anyways, thanks for showing us the halftrack.

Hey, thank you for kind words, I’m glad that you like it. The model has 8109 polygons (14821 triangles). There’s no tactical sign, but I’m grateful for your criticism, I always appreciate constructive criticism.
I’ll upload the model to sketchfab in few days, I’ll post the link here. And if you want to see my other models, here’s the link to my sketchfab.

Thanks for the info and sharing the link to your sketchfab. 8,000 polygons sounds pretty good to me. I personally aim at 30-40,000 in a model like here with my Tiger but you made good use of the textures and normal maps.

And sorry I misidentified that small hatch on the right upper hood plate as an attempt at a tactical sign. It really looked like it were supposed to be one.

This model is for a RTS game, so I had limited budget.

Very nice! How long did it take to make?

Somewhere between 16 - 20 hours, there are two additional models. I had to create a collision model, and second LOD for it.

Hey, I finally uploaded the model to sketchfab, you can check it here

Very nice model i also have a passion for ww2 models!

Thank you.