Hanpainted textures

Hey guys, here are some handpainted textures that i made recently with Gimp. I know that they are not perfect but you can use them however you want… I wanted to put a 3d Blender preview of these textures, but I’m allowed to put only three files in a thread. Anyway, have fun :smiley:

awesome thank you !

Nice textures, you can attach more images in thread I think 3 is the limit per post for attachment and not per thread. Or you can link as many images as you want so you are very flexible on this.

and they’re tiled? sweet! very nice

Nice! And thank you!

the only thing I’d have to add is that you maybe could turn up the contrast on the wood a little bit.
but apart from that: awesome work!

I’m gonna put more textures in future…Here’s little update.

If anyone wants I can put them in Blender and give a preview, but i think that it is not necessary because you are all Blender experts :wink:

Agree with Exima, adding some contrast and having deeper shadows would definitely improve the wood. With textures like this, you often rely on the diffuse alone to add definition to a surface. Deepening the shadows, and having some brighter highlights often make the textures really pop.

Also hat’s off to your decision to make them free. There’s always room for quality hand-painted textures in the world, especially if they’re free to use!

Someone told me once:“To become good game artist you should not play games”, and I don’t, I just admire the graphics…

Oh and thank you for the comments. I will consider that things in the future :smiley:

Tiled Bricks… :smiley: