Hans Reiser Convicted: Guilty

Have you read the evidence against Reiser? Just maybe there was no bloody evidence against the other guy, so bringing it up would have been irrelevant. There was, however, plenty of evidence against Reiser.

That level of “evidence” has put a lot of innocent people behind bars. If it were you in his shoes, I think you’d want better.

I NEVER said that he IS innocent, I only want to point out that there is at least SOME reason to believe he may be.

I AM very annoyed by the constant references to his lack of social skills. That should be COMPLETELY irrelevant, but it seems that most people believe that it is a good enough reason by itself to convict him.


Assuming I was innocent, yes. Very important point that, which you seem to have glossed over.

What do you think is lacking in the evidence?

If he’s guilty by character then there is something wrong with this picture. A court of law should only be concern about the FACTS and how it ADDS up. Just as fox news convicted OJ by interruption all of my favorite programs and display OJ for 24 hours, they planted doubts regarding of a person innocents.
Just as Obama had lost votes cause his spiritual pastor had told the truth, there is something here that stinks to high heaven. Mark my words, there are bankers and government that had taken it in the ass, And those that take it in the ass is the evil that is responsible that is in the world, of course I’m talking about economic not peoples lifestyle.

True That!

I can’t help but wonder if the guy has Aspergers.

For those not in the know, aspergers is somewhat related to autism, and can cause individuals whom have it to be able to super-focus on things. A lot of very successful programmers and mathematicians have been shown to have the disorder.

The bad news is, those who have it tend to have very bad or zero social skills and often come off as rude. Reiser was often noted as being a fairly unpleasant person to work with.

Then again, he could just be a genuine ass, and there is a hell of a lot of (weird, but circumstantial) evidence against him - like the fact he took out his passenger car seat after the death of his wife, and soaked the inside of the vehicle to the point that there was 2 inches of standing water when police found it.

He claimed he removed the seat because he sometimes slept in his car. Sleeping in your car isn’t that odd, especially if the wife is mad at you, but removing the seat? You’d be sleeping on bolts.

The case is really bizarre. I’d say theres’ plenty of room for appeal though.