Hansa Brandenburg CI

Hi everybody,

I’m currently working on an pretty nice airplane, developed back in 1916 - as far as i know.

It’s called “Hansa Brandenburg CI” and i will try to showcase the development of the plane.

Edit: New image:

Edit: New image

Edit: new image

Edit: Image changed

Fore more information, take a look at:

Below you will find the first impressons of that cool vehicle…will be updated as far i got more to show.

Comments and critiques are welcome highly.

Best regards, Markus


Some closeups of the knot ponts and the beams…

Please note, that weldings are not done on this parts, as they got hidden ( or i may be to lazy…)


The rips…


very nicely detailed
lot’s of small hardware well made

why are you doing such high res model ?

keep up the good work
will follow this

happy cl

look at the wiki and
seems to be an error on height

Height: 32.33 m (106 ft 1 in)

a bit too much i guess

happy bl

Beautiful work. I love the carpentry. Thanks for sharing. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one develop.

this is a really amazing and highly accurate work !

Could you please give us info ( or show it ) about your stainless steel ?

I wonder how you do the light glows :wink:

Thanks ! and happy blending !

Wow! Another highly detailed work. I’m impressed with your 3D skills, but also with skills of this old craftsman. This are top carpenter work. Thanks for share, such works are very “eye” opening.

Sauber, richtig schön gearbeitet!

“Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous!” :+1:

Hi all,

thanks a lot fot these feedback - helps me to keep on the track…

RickyBlender: To be honest, i cant’s answer this question, just like such detailed stuff.
Hmm, the height on wiki might be slightly off :slight_smile:

pitibonom: The shader is nothing fancy, just a principled shader with a glossyness value at around 0.0, metallness se to 1.
The glow is made in the compositor (Glare node).

Allright - so we got an update.
I was able to finish the upper wing, flaps and the baldachin (the part that sits ontop of the fuselage, to carry the upper wing).
Also made a dummy fuselage, because i was very curious to see how the different assemblies play togehter.
Finally build up the stems between the lower and the upper wing and did the cables between all the knots.

Here are some overview pictures:

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Some pictures on the flaps

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Shots on the baldachin:


Allright - its getting boring - details of the knots on the lower wing

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Ans dome details of the kots on the upper wing

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And finally a few details on the torsion stem (don’t know if this is the correct translation, it’ calles “Verwindungsstreben” in german).


The fit and finish of the detailed structural parts is fascinating. Your reference material must be excellent. What references are you using?

Also, I really like the cable texture you are using. Can you explain how you made it?


…hmmm - got real good reference material, a ton of photographs and access to original drawings, made back in 1916…
It’s a pleasure to read this old drawings, and the are in a way asthetical - not a generic computer generated document…

…the next step, woodworks on the fuselage structure are more or less done (after estimated 798365 track to and shrinkwarps :slight_smile: )

I’m not quiet happy with some textures, but his is another part of the whole story…