Happy b-day Asstaker!

Happy birthday, you’re not special,
You’re getting older and not much better,
We all want to embarrass you,
That’s why we’re singing this song,
So happy fucking birthday,
You’re not special,
You’re not special

20 years old now…pretty much an old fart from now on. anyway…happy birthday dude! :smiley: hehe

Seriously, thank you alot for all the things you learned me during the f1 challenge, really appreciated!

Have a nice b-day!

PS: I’m still waitingfor my revenge battle! :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m talking about alltaken if anyone didn’t understand)

Happy b-day alltaken :wink:

EDIT: yes first :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: happy birthday… don’t let the mosad get you :stuck_out_tongue:

Heppy B-day!


LOL thanks X-W.

taught you everything you know. when i first met you, you didn’t even know what Blender was, you thought you were using Maya


but through my wisdom and guidence as an old fart i have directed you to using such difficult key combos as Space Bar. and such things as “insert cube”

sorry that i never taught you about the “curve” button, but as i say “start with the basics and master them first” you can move onto curves when you have mastered the cube :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW this is a pictorial timeline of X-Warrior’s life (not mine), he si a friendly canadian who gets all the girls.

as normal it started off with his birth, but was soon downhill


his teachers in early school ended up sending him to the special education department due to his constant expression

![http://www.theharperhouse.com/d funny%20face%204.jpg](http://www.theharperhouse.com/d funny%20face%204.jpg)

while there he wore a Pooh suit for the next 4 years of his life, and thought that he was a humming bird. a fact so funny that the teachers never bothered to tell him the truth, the facial expression was now slightly different


he went to college, where he began to get the girls, infact an entire squad. it was his nice smile and beautiful charm that did it


he went on to lead a somewhat normal life


and then grew old.


and older… some habbits just never die with age :stuck_out_tongue:


i hope you enjoed X-Warriors life as much as i did :stuck_out_tongue:

oh whoops this thread was about my Birthday, perhaps i should save the “this is your life” speech for when he has a Birth day LOL

ha ha ha ha thanks people means a lot to me :smiley:


LOl they won’t get me… more like CIA, Mosad, KGB… all at the same time. all the groups will work together.

but i will jsut put frodo Xena, Hurcules, and helen Clark onto all of them and they will be crying very soon… infact all i really need is helen clark she is scary enough by herself… (a nicer image of her. this is the scary person that gave it to the mosad peops)


LOL my prime minister :stuck_out_tongue:

nice woman, refuses to get her teeth done, but that just makes her scarier :stuck_out_tongue: would be accepted to extreme makover anyday :stuck_out_tongue:


lol alltaken, i thought helen clark is xena… :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL maybe she is… i had never thought of that connection before, but now that you mention it, its obvious.


LOL maybe she is… i had never thought of that connection before, but now that you mention it, its obvious.


I knew it! you should be proud.
Happy B-Day All! The big 20? Man you’re old!! :stuck_out_tongue:
(33 here.) What’s the legal age to drink in NZ? Over here you’d still have a year to wait.

Hapy Birthday, Alltaken. Thinking about retirement yet?

Happy birthday! If I knew it was coming up I would have blended something and dedicated it to you :smiley: lol. My birthday is in another month or so…aug 11th…so we are close. Whats your astrology sign? Im to lazy to look.

Your friggin’ old man.

Good luck finding a job at that age…

Happy birthday.

rwv01 drinking age is 18.

dittohead LOL, i have a job i am a student :stuck_out_tongue:

Alltaken :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: