Happy Birthday! -animation-(first post)

Hi, this is the first time I have posted any blender work on these forums.

This only makes sense if you know [about] my family.
I am planning to live in India
My brother Jonathan is a US Marine
My sister is infamous for her “learning to drive” experiences
My brother Benji is know as the Mexican one of us

I made this for my Mother on her birthday which is around Easter (hence the Easter egg theme)

you are free to make fun of it (me)


Man, that’s really, really clever!!!

I love the way everything fits into the song of Happy Birthday! Even the car, and the gun.

Good work, I think that’s cool.

not bad! (im sure the original video quality is better than the one at google)

Yeah the video is started as an avi, then windows movie maker compression, then google… And not only that, but the particular version of Blender I was using had a bug that made the repeating textures not work right (the gray floor which is tiled in the first scene) Oh well, My mom liked it, so it was a success :slight_smile:

success indeed