Happy Birthday Card =]

Hi all
Ive made this card for a friend. I reused some old stuff to do it…
do you think that he will like? =]


See ya

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death with rubber gloves :slight_smile:

Are you sure tha you are still friends ? :wink:

Nice anyway :slight_smile:

nobody takes the time do that for me… lol

…funny… :smiley:

more close, not more closer :wink: (I think)

I like it tho! Nice modeling on the Death Midget


If your firend is a Pratchett fan he flips in joy, when he get’s this. :smiley:

LoL. :wink:

Got to tell you, this is one of the BEST works done in 3D that I have seen so far. It is just fuc**ng hilarious. There is a dedicated forum on CGTalk.com just for this king of stuff. (Called the ¨Evocative Forum¨) … yours should be showcased over there !!!.

thanks for the replys
I gonna post in cgtalk as apollux said…but just for curiosity…the sentence in the picture is right or wrong? =]

see me at www.geocities.com/blenderaki

the last part of the sentence is wrong. It sould read ¨… we are closer …¨ OR ¨… we are more close¨.

The point is that you should not use ¨more¨and ¨closer¨together as they both mean the same thing.

You should post your ¨Happy New Year¨ and the one with DarkVader and the Devil exchanging weapons… those are great.