happy birthday LohnC!

happy 20th b-day lee!
…greetings from the masses… to the masses…
…and may the monkey be with you for all time… uhm… sort of…


happy birthday Lee!
You are a true believer
work harder
reduce workplace accidents and…
Be happy

Happy 20th birthday, Lee! (everyone’s getting so old…).

I wish you many, many more birthdays, but not too many unless you like nursing homes. And many, many renders…for us!

And many, many more movie projects (apple, pear, grape projects anyone?).

And remember, your youth is past. After 20, it all goes downhill :stuck_out_tongue:

not even 21, your balls havn’t dropped yet.


happy birthday dude!!!
hope the boys at orange are treating you right!!!
you have a bright future and monster skills, we all look forward to watching you go far!!!

From Me and Sago

Happy Birthday Lee!

Be prepared for tomorrow when we’ll take you out for your favourite sumptuous birthday feast!


Congrats you old geezer. Hope you have a [email protected] day.

Congrats, where in amsterdam is the party :wink: ?

have a great 20th Lee :wink: don’t cut to the bottom of the brain or else it might trigger off some voodoo hormone shit to make you have green babies (which generally taste better when they’re not mouldy)

Congrats, but you still can’t drink in the US :stuck_out_tongue:

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Best wishes from cold Canada to far away Amsterdam! :slight_smile:


happy birthday lee!

Happy birthday old fart :Z

LohnC looks like Lance Bass off of N*Sync

… and you know all the members of N*Sync? :o

Hey Lee,

Happy, happy birthday!

Have fun and enjoy the day!

— Andrea

… and you know all the members of N*Sync? :o[/quote]

Ahh, no, I just remember him. I think he is the coolest of them all.
There music isn’t that bad, really. It’s just people don’t want to be embaresed saying they like N*Sync.

whoa guys good morning here in Amsterdam and thankyou for all the well wishes =D

day will include blending! woo! absolutely not joking about being happy with that.

Once again cheers for well wishes! and now I enter the 20 to 30 range, scary O_O

Peace out all!

Happy birthday Lohnc! What do ya want fer yer birthday this year? :slight_smile: