Happy birthday to me. I have now reached adulthood.

Add another adult to the list of adults that are here because I have officially turned 18 today. Now I’m old enough to do pretty much whatever I want, even vote.

What I would do with the new privilages of ordering things and such like that, I guess not much. I still don’t know how to drive though I may vote.

But still. It’s my birthday so I should be happy.


Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Cyborg_Dragoooooon,
Happy birthday to you!

Ambient occluded cake anyone? :slight_smile:

I only eat true globally-illuminated icing, thank you very much though. wind-up chicken, good work on that. now you can vote, get killed for your country, and stand outside a bar wishing you could drink beer.

Even if I turned 21 so I was at the legal drinking age I still wouldn’t drink beer. Our family doesn’t drink so that’s not a problem.

Cut the cord man. Life life. Be free. Don’t drink. Get drunk.

18 already. Congratulations.

On sunday for an early Birthday celebration I got a really soft Blanket, a Ripley’s believe it or not book, and 120 dollars.

So far today I got a new mouse and I may get more yet.

Happy birthday man!

God I remember turning 18, so long ago (10 years ago now actually). Wow, to be that young again… enjoy it while you can!!!

Happy birthday to you, Icoxo :smiley:
That’s 18 candles on the occluded cake… If only Uncle Jack could count :stuck_out_tongue:
It DOES suck to have to wait untill you’re 21 to drink, though.
Over here, you can drink alcoholic drinks when you’re 16 :smiley: It is limited to beer and wine, though, but we don’t really care nor does anyone selling alcohol in this country of ours. Aaah… Belgium.
Well, cheers to your bday!

Happy Birthday!

You’re from USA? Poor fellow, you can’t legally drink there, yet winks
Move to Europe, hah!

All the Best.

What’s with all the alcoholism here? Must I really read this nonsens while enjoying a nice martini?

Anyway, happy birthday. I really hope you have a great day.


Ps. I’ll also bring you a nice wholesome video called "how to be a G-rated person, steps to… no wait, you got me that for my birthday.

Happy B-day!

Happy birthday!

Sorry that it’s not very good and that there are only 12 candles. I made this a while back when I was really bad at blendering

goto an adult video store and stare at people

Sorry, but even though I’m old enough, I must do what I can to avoid such places.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll update on what’s left that I got after I get them.

Now we’re going to go to an old favorite resteraunt called Carlos-O-Kelly’s. If you don’t know what that is it’s a mexican resteraunt based here in Wichita that’s only in the US and they have you wear a sombrero on your birthday;)

I don’t and will never drink alcholic beverages though even when I turn 21.

What’s with all the alcoholism here? Must I really read this nonsens while enjoying a nice martini?

No. A fine single malt, on the other hand…

Well, at 45, I’ve gotten used to avoiding candles on cakes, lest the whole shebang catch fire. :slight_smile:

Plus, I made that cake before I discovered the joy of dupliverts, and I got tired of copying and moving meshes. :smiley:

Happy birthday!

alcohol is for retards. REAL men drink bee wastes.

Happy Birthday CD,
Let’s hope the sombrero will cover all those grey hairs you’ll be getting :wink:

Happy Birthday!

I turned 18 back in may. Same moral restrictions but mostly imposed by myself. Although I’m anxious to turn 21 for beer :slight_smile:

18, huh?

I still have 3 more years.

That means I’m 15, for those too drunk to do the math.:smiley: