Happy Birthday to me - I'm one year off OLD!

Happy Birthday to me!

Now one year off being OLD (one more year then I hit the big 30)

I’ve even spent all last night baking my own birthday cake to share with you all:



What are you trying to do to me, make me p*ss my pants from laughing?:smiley: :smiley:

lol nice cake, can I have a piece?
Happy Birthday!

Happy B-Day bud!


Happy B-Day too!


Happy birthday!
Dont forget to send me a piece of that cake!

Happy birthday.

Is that cake chocolate?

Happy Birthday!

That cake better be enough for everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


Whaddayamean “old,” pipsqueak? (“These kids today, I tell ya…”)


thanks for all the birthday greetings! :slight_smile:


I’ll even use my fire breathing ability to light your candles.

almost 30 candles is a lot for a lighter.