Happy birthday to me!

I am now 180 months old. Woot!

Bah why do you make me do math.

i hate you…even though i am good at math. :stuck_out_tongue:

soon you will be able to drive (depending on your country i guess, but in my country you could get in a car right now :P)


Good timing, mine’s tommorow. Guess that means my username will have to be Kansas_16 :wink:

I’m gonna be 16 in December. I already have a driver permit, Alltaken, and where I live (Las Vegas, Nevada), you have to be 15 3/4 or something to get a permit.

Happy Birthday, Weirdhat!

Well this is strange, I’ll be 16 in January. And I could already go for my driver’s exams and I’d get my licence on my birthday. Also, Weirdhat, I didn’t realize you were so young. The benefit of acting (somewhat :P) mature I guess.

On an unrelated note, I propose not to grant Kansas’ name change until he behaves.

Happy Birthday To You!
I went to the zoo,
I saw a blender monkey,
and it looked just like you!


Enjoy the cake!



im 16 but im not allowed to drive a car. i can drink and buy beer though.

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:


Happy 15th! :smiley:

Wow… I’m 478 months old, ewww.

Happy WeirdBirthday!

happy birthday, you’re not special.
you’re getting older, but not much better.
we all want to embarrass you,
that’s why we’re singing this song.
so happy fucking birthday.
you’re not special.
you’re not special.

( :stuck_out_tongue: )

Whoa, i’m like counting fingers 1,2,3,4…er…many months older :-? Happy birthday, enjoy youth :smiley:

Happy birthday :smiley: I turn 16 in january. Seems alot of us are turning 16 8)

And you smell like one, too! Hehhehhehhehheh!

Enjoy it while you can, it all goes downhill from here…

Happy birthday! I turn 14 next August.

Happy birthday WierdHat [!] [!]

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, I’m now 50. 8)

I really like the various ages in the community… It helps to create a better comunity.
btw - Happy B day.