Happy Birthday!

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I just made some kind of a birthday card, which I will never give I’m sure but, I learned a lot, especially about the screw modifier, and that was fun!

I hope the result is not too bad, please tell me what you think, all crits are welcome!
Thank you


this is very cool but there are big composition mistakes… that one central line formed by the corner of the building and the flowers paper is very disturbing. Also, the metal material really blends with the pavement, and the tire too. you should try to think of a better color scale and composition, and some depth of field might be a good idea. overall very nice work!

Thank you elbriga :slight_smile:
Yes I see what you mean, I found it weird too but to be honest, I didn’t find another good composition by changing this one :confused:
(Shame on me)
Thank you for the advices! I’ll keep 'em in mind.

About the DOF, I didn’t want to use it because I wanted the neon text to be 100% visible and it’s still kind of hard for me to set it perfectly.

Have a nice day!