Happy Caturday

She gets less food than other cats. She’s just genetically inclined towards obesity, has little exercise, and has been fixed, which often causes massive gains in weight.

HAHA those are funny. I’m going to have cats next year. i’m so happy i’ve never had cats, dogs, or any other animal except fish in my entire life!

Congrats. Cats rule so hard.

I like dogs :eyebrowlift2:

Dogs crap on the lawn.

Cats scratch furniture and catpiss smells a lot worse than dogpiss.

Cats bury their pee and poo in the garden - odourless.
Cats catch mice. No mouse in the house problems.
Have we had a pet war yet?

Since when? My neighbour’s cats (male) tend to pee against such things as our indoor bin that is drying outside. And let me tell you it is not odorless then!

Dogs are silly, affectionate creatures. Cats are fickle.

Personally I like them both for different reasons, although I wouldn’t own either. I prefer to have other people own them and me enjoy them without all the hassle!


Cats are better than dogs. 'nuff said.



Well yeah. Both cats and dogs are nice pets but dogs are a lil’ better. I have a cat and a dog though.

How’s this for a pet?

Seems to me like all the little dogs and kitties are lunch for my pet.


Seems to me like all the little dogs and kitties are lunch for my pet.


Oh, really?
(I know there are still a few weird outlines, it was only a quick doodle).

Oh shiznaz!!! Not my T-REX! I’m sad now = (

You are animatinated:D
I’ll be back, etc…

dogs are loyal, they dont abandon you when your in need of help.
cats stroll away…

If a cat abandons you, that means you are not worthy of them.

Dogs are ok, but they tend to be painfully stupid.

And they have that “dog smell” that gets all over your hands when you touch them. Even if you wash them regularly, it still stays.
They’re also waaaaay too excitable, or too boring. Cats are just right.

Oh, and catpiss may be worse, but they piss out of spite and vindictiveness rather than stupidity and that deserves some respect.

Yeah, dogs are too stupid to know when that big person walking in the door is your grandma and not a murderer. They will attack the bad person, no matter the personal cost!

you’re god damned pet is a crappy hunter because of his tiny legs.

Science, 1, you, 0 my friend

haha, straight to sig.