Happy Christmas

(S68) #1

Quick quick rendering… abot 1 hour modelling… light is not so great, but I must get home 8)


(Idea is unhoriginal, got a hand-drawn comic strip like this by e-mail 8)



(Gr8RedShark) #2

HEHehehehehe! :smiley:
reminds me of something similar i once rendered in Form*z. I wonder why snowmen are always the subjacts of bizarre forms of violence. Maybe something to do with Bill Watterson and Calvin+Hobbes… :wink:

(harkyman) #3

Bwa ha! Happy Christmas to you, too.

(paradox) #4

LOL very cool.
:smiley: Paradox

(basse) #5

great work!
nice light.

remember to eat a lot and through whole night…