Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Fellow Blenderoids
Its been a long time since I could spend some quality time with the game
engine, other than trying to keep pace with all the brilliant new developments
to the whole of Blender.
I had a pleasant surprise, a couple of days back, while checking the the new
menu buttons con fig file build, which btw looks great, when my boat started going twice
as fast, and the machine guns went mad. At first I thought that the new interface
had some how eased the overheads, somehow. Eventually I realized something in
the old UI had been limiting the speed of the game. Which was nice if a bit manic.
The recent rag doll stuff has had me curled up, and the entries into the bullet
competition were very professional.
I had a slight set back when a failing hard drive caused me to juggle my stuff about
and my burner started making coasters, without telling me.
So the best I can do this year is blow a shed up, whether I can get the missile to
hit it or not.
Anyway I look forward to getting back to this full time, and best wishes to everyone
involved with Blender for the New Year, and Ever and Erwin.

Rebogey, aka Bogey

PS, can anyone tell me what ps means.

PPS, that was a rhetorical guestion.

ps = post scriptum

witch means: “after the text”

witch is wrong spelled Aegis :)… it’s which…

To rebogey:
Nice summary. I’ve never known Bogey.
Actually this is a bit off-topic.
Don’t worry as long you keep talking about the game engine it would be finem, at least that’s what I think.

Hic Hic Hic

Thanks, Happy X-mas to everyone too!

Make sure to check out the latest preview11 + demos:

Co Hic ol. Mo hic Mo Hic or.

PS. for Es everywhere.


ps and dont forget the T

whoops :stuck_out_tongue:

speaking english: no prob…
writing it down correctly… :o

Merry X-mas to al the bge users!