Happy Easter guys - ( Making Of VIdeo)

Hey There ,

cute little experiment with blender’s new Viewport shading , everything is captured directly from viewport , and then tweaked few parts in gimp

check out the making of Happy Easter

Hope you like it ,

and happy Easter guys

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Sweet render and Happy Easter back to you. :yes:

Nicely done! Happy easter to You too :slight_smile:

A very cute, yet very stylish piece perfect for Easter, but just how much of this was the viewport and how much of this was post-pro I wonder?

It seems like you did a good job between mixing what appears to be toon-shaded objects with regions done in a slightly more realistic way.

Great work as always Pratik! excited to see how you get those kinda results in the viewport!

Looks great even openGl render, i try to do the same thing but failed get great result.

THank you so much guys ,

okeyyyy for that i will post one video later today, which will explain everything so far :slight_smile:

Great render! Happy easter to you and everyone! :slight_smile:

Beautiful 2d style, brilliant colours and happy mood. Congrats.

I don´t understand about the viewport render, I don’t know what is it exactly. I will wait to your video explaining about that.

thank you so much guys , check out for the Making of video , added on 1st post

Absolutely awesome, thanks for making of video too! Would love to see some walkthrough stuff on some of your works like how you start sketching the scene out, working on comp and all that good jizz.

Really love your style, its so painterly and adorable!

Thank you so much man for all this kind words ill sure try to record some art from start to end ,