Happy Easter




Happy Easter to you too Sachiel :wink:
I’ve been following the development and the only thing I can say is that I’m feeling the will to get my grass cutter :stuck_out_tongue: because your picture looks grass, feels grass and even smells like grass :smiley: the rocks are also great :yes:

What kinda hiding spot is that? Psh, i coulda found that with my mouth open. The easter bunny has lost hs touch… Sad…

Great scene though :smiley:

yes definatly dig the grass

One of the best “feast-pictures” I have seen.

Wow, amazing work on the grass! Was it done using Blender’s particle system? BTW, people have been talking about a “new” particle system, is that out, or what?

I like the rock texture :slight_smile:

The new strand system to me seems to be lacking somewhat in the shadability department…

Techie, the new particle system ins in the current RC build if you want to check it out, will be coming in 2.46 if you would rather wait :slight_smile:

Thanks! What’s an RC build!

RC=Release Candidates
The builds are available at blender.org but I can’t tell you where - I’m currently getting a “500 - Internal Server Error”…
Edit: the site is up again -> http://www.blender.org/development/current-projects/changes-since-245/

Happy Easter!

You guys wondering about the grass should check the “testing” section more often - Sachiel has been working on this awesome grass for a while.

happy easter, too Sachiel!
i have to say wow! your grass looks amazing!

I think the grass could be improved, for starters the grass is coming through the rock, bottom left. There needs to be more colour variation, and some more natural lighting on them, grass has alot of self shadowing.