Happy Feet

My wife & I just came back from watching “Happy Feet”, created by Animal Logic. This has got to be one of the best visually stunning movies that I have seen in a very long time. Plus it had a great story; And those little penguins, I just couldn’t stop laughing!! The animators portrayed the feelings and characters very well. This is what happens when a company places the story in front of the visual effects. Not that the visuals were bad, far from it. There were even parts when I couldn’t tell what was real & what was fake (yes, there were also live video scenes as well)

For those who haven’t seen it, I recommend it!!

We saw it last night and I agree, it was very good.

The modelling and animations are close to the best I’ve seen. I was really impressed. The only thing that is didn’t like is the live video for the humans. The water and the snowstorms are especially well done.

Even though I usually don’t like movies with lots of singing and dancing, this one was lots of fun to watch.

I thought it was a bit strange that a guy would choose a nick like Mrs Nuffle, but then I realized it was probably Mr Snuffle. :slight_smile: Maybe I shouldn’t reply to anything until my coffee kicks in.

Sorry, gonna have to disagree on the storyline bit on this one. The visuals (animation & rendering) were truly stunning in this movie (I kept trying to find something wrong with how the character’s feet affected the snow & ice that they walked/danced on… and couldn’t quite decide if it looked right or not) but…

The story, however, was just plain whacked. Lemme see… (sorry for any spoilers…) you got an pre-pubescent/adolescent penguin, who dances rather than sings (the freak!), who decides he has to “save the world” by talking the aliens (humans) into stopping over-fishing of antarctic waters. He does this by performing a softshoe routine and teaching the rest of the singing penguins to do the same - against the collective will of the “religious conservative” oldtimers. All this accompanied by the usual slew of “colorful” sidekicks and while trying to woo the love of his life with the same really-short-legged-tap-dance routine (which came across at first like the poor lil’ fella really had to pee. Only when he kept at it for a few minutes did you realize he was doing his best Gregory Hines impression.) I don’t know what the writers were smokin’ when they selected that particular bevy of storylines to plaigarize, but it was most certainly some hallucinogenic weed!

I remember leaning over to my wife about halfway thru and asking, “Is this really a kid’s movie?” If it wasn’t for the action scenes (they did a lot of falling/sliding/tumbling/diving from great heights) my kids would have “whined” us out of the theater within the first 20 minutes.They did a lot of things right in this movie, but it was all totally wasted on the whacked storyline & plot.