Happy Guy Boris

Here’s a fairly old project, over a year old, that I forgot to post here. It started as a quick speedsculpt that i retopologized and textured. Rendering was done Cycles + post in PS.

Really lovely!


EDIT: I would like to have him on the featured top row for some time…

Looking so happy…

Something in the scarf is really not appealing, but the face… I’m speechless!

Nice job! I love the expression! :slight_smile:

I like it, well done :slight_smile:

cool stuff

I like it… Deserves the feature row I think

Nice! I love the feeling it invokes!

why is this not on the top row?

Another inspiring masterpiece, Kjartan! It feels so organic and lively. However, I feel that the cup is a bit afloat due to the angle it is in. But regardless, a wonderful work! :slight_smile:

  • Reyn

Fantastic character! Good job.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

Sweet! love the style, congratulations

Oh so beautiful! who needs Photo-realism when we have this kind of awesomeness? lol

great job!

I really like this great work, can I see your nodes for the skin material?

I like his happy face!
I am with Martynes, the scarf have something off, maybe needed better folds/wrinkles; anyway great work!

A lovely piece.

very melancholic image
nice art!

A very nice image and just outstanding atmosphere :smiley:

Classic - so much character, great colours and presentation.