Happy Halloween

(Elsdon) #1


For all the Blender folk


(Dittohead) #2

nice, change the colour of the vol.light, turn on oversampling.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(enderMB) #3

Nice… how’d you cut out the shapes for the eyes and such? Lots of subdividing?

(Dittohead) #4

booleans ill bet.

(blengine) #5

ooo yes, some osa would defintely make this look a ton better… very cool pumpkin, smooth modeling
turn up halo step for some more streaky volume lighting… i always liked it better with streaks, but its a personal preference really :slight_smile:

(Elsdon) #6

Thanks for the comments gang.

OSA is on at 16.

The cutouts are really nothing more than booleans.

But it really was not meant for anything more than a greeting card to Blenderheads.